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This part is just for anyone's information. Although I have been playing D&D for a while now, I have had ideas that are conflicting with the original game rules. So I decided to make my own 'world' using the basic D&D principals. Changes are most notibly the items, races, maps, classes, and race cooperation, meaning what race is friendly to another. If there are any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to email me. This section of the web site will be in constant change. Please bear with me.

I am using 3.5 edition information, I will not be using 4.0 Rules.

I don't own D&D nor do I claim to. I borrowed info from D&DWiki and other resources. Don't hang me for what I've posted please.

Due to recent ideas, a new campaign will appear soon. This world will utilize the new races to keep the main campaign simple.

Raimas CampaignTenjoukai (Oriental) Campaign