Ladies! (And Gentlemen are welcome as well) It is time to save the planet. The MiB are not the only ones who can do the job.

The following information is on the WiB Guild also known as the Women In Black Guild.

It includes general information on the guild, how to join the guild, members list, member profiles, guild alliances and enemies, pictures, and a forum for discussion.

Join Us

As guild leader, I extend the invitiation to save the world and be a great guild. My game name is MachaNeko. My base is usually on Lykan Server 3. Do not hesitate to join me and make this guild awesome! XD

Don't forget to visit the following sites! The first one is a page I personally created with detailed information. The second is where I have officially registered the guild (once a slight bug is fixed). Both will have news and updates about the going ons with this guild. I plan to have contests and games to keep it fun! Email me with suggestions, questions, ect or just to join. With work and college I will not be able to be online all the time, so if you want, email me a time and date you want me on and I can see what I can do. Contact details are on my main website.

.: News! :.

Stay Tuned for further Developments

3/07/09 - This guild is still up and running!
5/07/07 - Member List has been updated!
4/22/07 - Member List has been updated!
4/21/07 - Guild has reached level 7 tonight!
4/16/07 - Forums have been created!
4/14/07 - Good News! The guild has been created!

We will post a poster up soon for possible members as well as games and such to keep this guild fun and active.